Edwin is a free email list that sends out simple articles on topics covering the digital world. The topics include everything from virus protection & privacy to social media, to basic settings & maintenance for devices and computers.

Edwin was created by Will Roth and launched in August 2017 from Savannah, Georgia. Will has a professional background as a web designer, social media manager, and web project manager for both large and small companies. Through his previous jobs and freelance tech support, Will gained valuable insight and a passion for helping explain technical issues and the digital world simply and with patience.

It’s the strong belief at Edwin that to be a participant in the 21st century, you need to be able to digitally literate. That means having a better understanding of social media, being more confident to navigate digital tools and participating in the online community. To achieve that for the people without disrupting their schedule, we think that short,  accessible emails on a weekly basis can slowly move people to feel confident and bring them ahead of the technological curve.

The Edwin team is available for interviews and can speak on a range of topics surrounding technological literacy and the disconnect between developers and people struggling to keep up with technology.

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