We focus a lot on basic computer tips but today let’s talk about some helpful online tools.

Whether you want to create a unique gift, a book of memories, or marketing materials for your business, there is an endless amount of resources online to help you. Here is a curated list of great sites that help you make custom products, apparel, and print products.

Most of the sites below include easy-to-use templates to guide you. They also let you upload custom graphics. Make sure any uploaded graphics are high-res, which means that when you zoom into them they can fill up your whole screen without looking pixelated.

PRO TIP: You can save graphics as .GIF or .PNG files so that white backgrounds become transparent. This will allow you to upload just the graphic without it having a white box. Search for instructions by Googling “how to save a gif with transparent background in..” and add the program you are using.

Custom T-shirts, Hats, and Apparel

Make fun t-shirts for your friends or hats for your business with the following sites.

Custom Ink

Professional Business Cards

Definitely connect with co-workers and colleagues on LinkedIn, but always have some business cards on hand for those spontaneous networking opportunities.


Stickers in All Shapes and Sizes

Personalize your water bottle or car bumper with custom stickers. You can print circles, rectangles, or unique shapes to fit any graphic.

Sticker Mule

Family Photo Books

Digital storage of your photos is recommended for safe-keeping, but when’s the last time you flipped through them. Do your memories a favor and print a few photo books of your recent adventures and get-togethers.

Blurb.com (Affiliate Link)
Mac Photos
Google Photos

Custom Stamps

Whether you run a hipster coffee shop or need a quick way to add a return address to a letter, a custom stamp can come in handy.

Simon’s Stamps

Cool Beer Koozies

Win your next tailgate by bringing custom koozies for everyone.


Mugs, Bottles, and Promotional Products

Make logoed water bottles for your yoga group, a funny coffee mug for Father’s Day, or shot glasses for… whenever!

Discount Mugs

Easy-to-Make Websites

No coding required. These websites hold your hand through the process of making your own website. You can pick from different themes, add images and info and you’re ready to publish!


Fliers, Brochures, Templates, and Illustrations

When your business, club, or group needs professional print materials these sites will give you a head start with fill-in-the-blank templates, and great-looking graphics to support your project.

Creative Market

Extra Resources

Google Fonts for Free Fonts
Pexels for Free Stock Photos
The Noun Project for Icons & Logo Ideas
Squarespace Logo Maker

If you have experience with another source not shown send a link to Edwin or post in the comments below so we can share it with the community!

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