Spending just a few minutes tinkering with your browser settings will save you time, take you where you need, and work in ways that best fit your browsing style. A few popular browsers are Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. While every browser is different, they all offer similar settings. Let’s look at a few of them right now.

Set Your Homepage

What do you want to happen when you open the browser? If you always find yourself needing to navigate to Google when you open a browser, you could set your homepage to Google.com, or your email, or a popular news site. You can set any website to be your homepage. Alternatively, you could set your browser to open with the sites you last had open.

Set Your Default Search Engine

In most browsers, you can do a web search right from the address bar at the top, where the URL is located. You can set which search engine is used by default. Google and Bing are two popular options. DuckDuckGo.com is another option if you value privacy, while the results aren’t as comprehensive as Google’s you can usually find exactly what you’re looking for.

Fill Your Bookmarks Bar

All browsers come with a blank bar near the top that you can fill with your favorite sites for easy future access. Just select Show Bookmarks Bar, navigate to a site you use frequently and then add the URL to your address bar. More Instructions: Safari | Chrome | Firefox

TIP: You can leave the site name blank to make your bookmarks bar fill with just the site icons. It saves space and looks great!


Choose Your Default Download Location

Do you want all your downloaded files to go to the download files? Or would you prefer they download right to your desktop? You can change the default download location in your browser settings.

There are many other options to tinker with to make your browser work for you. Take a few minutes and look through the settings, you’ll wish you’d done this a long time ago.

Need additional help in changing your browser settings? Click the link below with your browser for more help changing the settings.

Safari | Chrome | Firefox | Opera

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