Knowing how much hard drive space you are using will give you a better understanding of your needs when upgrading devices or planning a backup. You don’t need 500gb of storage on your new laptop if you are only using 100gb on your old one. Is your internal storage nearly full or can you hear echoes in all that empty space?

TIP: You should always leave at least 10% of your disk space free so that system processes and program updates have some breathing room.

How to Check the Storage

Windows: Click the folder icon in the taskbar and select This PC from the left-hand panel. You should see your hard drive capacity.

Mac: Click the Apple Icon in the Top-Right and select About This Mac. Click More Info and select Storage. You can see your total hard drive capacity but it also shows you a detailed breakdown of used space like how much room your photos or apps are taking up.

Android: Tap Settings > Storage

iPhone: Select Settings > General > [Device] Storage

Storage Full?

Full storage can affect your device performance. If you are at capacity look for old and unused apps and games to delete, backup and remove large photo and video files, and consider upgrading to a larger amount of storage with your next device. You might also consider adding an external storage device that plugs in via USB.

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