Issue: My IPad won’t connect to WiFi. It keeps telling me that the password is wrong, but it is correct.

Hello! There could be a number of reasons that your iPad can’t connect to the WiFi. First, it’s worth mentioning that even if you think the password is correct, you should still try typing it a few times and make sure CAPS LOCK is not on. WiFi passwords are case-sensitive.

Here are some other possible fixes to try. It’s a lot of information, but I want to make sure you have a range of options.

1. You might have a weak connection to the router if you are some distance away from it. If this is the case try to connect while close to the router.

2. Try resetting/restarting the WiFi in Settings >Wi-Fi by sliding the switch off for a few seconds, and then turning it back on again.

3. Try restarting the router by unplugging it for around 10 seconds, plugging it back in and letting it boot up.

4. Try to renew the lease on the Wi-Fi connection by in Settings > Wi-Fi, Choose your network, click the blue arrow and select ‘Renew Lease’ at the bottom.

5. In the same window as above, instead of clicking Renew Lease, select Forget Network, then select the network again.

6. Some routers produce two Wi-Fi networks. [Name] and [Name]-5G. Some devices are not compatible with the 5G network. Select the non-5G network, and try connecting again.

7. If you changed the password from its factory settings, it’s possible that the router was reset. Try the default password which is usually located on the device itself.

8. If you live near others that might be in range of your network, it’s unlikely but possible that someone “hijacked” your network and changed the password. This can be undone by resetting the router to the factory settings and adding the default password again. There is usually a small button on the back of the device that you need to press. This option can cause more issues if your router was set up with lost of changes made to its default configuration.

9. If there are similarly named networks nearby, confirm that you are connecting to the right network.

10. This one is an expert level option. It’s possible on many routers to change the password on the router itself. Routers have local web addresses (like Open a web browser and try to enter or These are the most likely local addresses for your router. It should bring up a box to enter the router username and password. Those could either be listed on the back or bottom of the router, or the default is usually admin/password. Once logged in to your router there are options to change the WiFi password. You could try to change the password and then enter that new password on your iPad.

I hope one of these options works for you!

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